Saturday, 9 July 2011

I love the sea

I have always known that I love the sea but I hadn't realised how much until recently.  Today, my daughters and I went Body-boarding.  It was our eldest daughter's birthday on Wednesday and we wanted to give her a bit of a birthday feel today. 

My husband suggested going to the beach to play cricket.  The girls liked that idea.  However, usually we get to the beach and they want to go into the sea, so today we packed wetsuits and body-boards.  Thankfully, all last year's wetsuits are still OK.  (We do need to buy my husband one but that will be a job for another day!)  We drove to a nearby seashore which has a beautiful beach, life guards and great surf.  On arrival the sea was a long way up the beach but we still managed to find enough space for our stuff.  The girls and I finished getting ready and hit the waves.  We had a great time; although they despaired that I couldn't ride the waves correctly..  'No mummy, like this' was a constant cry.   I managed to catch a few great waves and the feeling was fantastic. 

After what seemed like 10 minutes, but was in fact nearly 40 we got out as we were all hungry.  We had a picnic on the beach after changing into dry clothes.  Half the beach still managed to find its way into our belongings.

As I look out into our garden now it is a good sight to see three wetsuits drying on the line and a jumble of pink 'beach shoes' strewn across the patio.  I hope it is a regular thing that my girls and I can do together.

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