Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Home is where the heart is.

I have come to know the true meaning of that phrase in the past 3 years, for that is how long we have lived in this part of England.

We moved here and were promptly plunged into a deep grief with the loss of our friend from our previous church.  This came at the end of a long period of stress (although my parents don't believe there is such a thing but that is a blog for another day!)  It had taken the best part of 6 months to pray and decide whether to move and then we had to say a long drawn out goodbye to our previous church, school and home.

Starting a new place with such a deep sadness doesn't make settling in easy.  Neither did the 6 months of perpetual rain, the fact that everything was just so different or that we made some decisions that were too hasty!  I struggled for 2 years to feel any warmth for my new home or church.  Although last summer I had my eyes truly opened to the beauty of my county. 

During this past year I have worked in a place that for the most part has been wonderful.  I enjoy my job and have learnt so much.  I have also felt more at home at church and have found some great friends.

Anyway, last weekend, we went away with our previous church.  It was lovely, I thoroughly enjoyed being with old friends but during the weekend I realised that my heart is no longer there.  I didn't feel part of that church family in the way that I once did.  I love the people (they will always be friends) but I also discovered that there are now people in my new church and home that I love. 

I realised that my heart is here.  I still get frustrated with a lot of things but I don't want to go back to the familiar.  Actually here is the familiar; God is showing us how to be and serve Him.  I couldn't go back to living away from the seaside either (I am desperate to master body-boarding).  I love that I discovered that if I cut my hair it would grow again.  I am so proud I have become a runner and have entered a race.  I have also learnt to drive (and hope soon to have passed my test!)  Here is where I have learnt that you can be a working mum and a rift doesn't form in the space/time continuum!  I have discovered that I can use the Internet in my learning about God and theology.  I have made some wonderful new friends.

To use another phrase, made famous by Paul Young, 'Whereever I lay my hat, that's my home.'

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Pam Terrell said...

Happy, happy, joy, joy! I am reading this with a huge smile on my face. You rock, Elizabeth!! Thanks for sharing your journey and insights.