Thursday, 14 July 2011

I finally did it!

I managed to develop a back bone and begin the process to change Driving Instructor.  My (now) previous one was doing nothing to build my confidence in driving.  Her teaching style and my learning style just weren't compatible.  I have known this for a very long time but had a weird sense of loyalty to her.  I was supposed to have a Driving Test this week which she encouraged me to cancel because 'You will fail!' 'You aren't up to it.'  I still had a lesson with her and the tipping point was her pointing out that we would have lessons over the summer, she would assess me and then see if she would allow me to use her car to take my next booked test.  I was incredibly discouraged and realised that I couldn't learn under those circumstances and needed someone who will accommodate my nervousness about driving and build confidence in the ability I have.

This morning I phoned her up and told her I was reassessing my driving and would no longer need her services.  I also pointed out that I felt discouraged after every lesson and wondered if I would ever pass my test.  She seemed completely underwhelmed  by me giving her the boot.  I have already made enquiries with another Instructor and may take an Assessment Lesson with him in order to have a second opinion.  If he is so disparaging I will take the hint and give up.  But not yet.

Either way, once driving is out of the way I have to find my bucket list and see what is next on the list of things to tackle.

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