Thursday, 17 June 2010

'It's an Abstract Painting, Mummy.'

My children's school has an Arts Week every year.  They choose a painting and base all Arts work on the type and style of that Artist.  Last year it was Renior's Umbrella. 

This year the girls was full of excitement because the REAL picture had been loaned to the School and was now in the Hall.  I promptly disbelieved the girls; the nice and considerate mummy that I am.  I soon stood corrected when a letter from School informed me that the picture had been loaned from a local Art Gallery.  This year the painting is called 'Parrot's Idea No 2' by an artist called Alan Davie.  I have never heard of him or the painting.

As Art is something both my girls love and do well in their is great excitement in our house this week.  My eldest has gone to School this morning dressed in black and white to be 'part of the swirly bit', as I was knowledgeably informed.  She told me he painted Abstract Paintings and that she rather liked them.  So, there we have it.  I am completely unsure of Abstract Paintings as I am the type who would probably hold them up the wrong way but from now I can ask my in-house Art Critic.  She will put me straight.  Or swirly.  But always the right way up.

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