Monday, 28 June 2010

The Competition

A few conversations got me thinking.

Conversation one:
I was having a chat with Lady 1 and she was just a little overwhelmed by the circumstances she was facing.  Lady 2 came over, noticed the tears and asked what was wrong.  Lady 1 gave a brief explanation with the tears still flowing.  Lady 2 gave the following words of comfort: "Welcome to my world."  I am no counsellor but I somehow don't think that helped.

Conversation two:
At the end of a church event after everything was tidied away I was chatting to 2 ladies.  Lady 1 was explaining about her busy week and that the next 2 weeks were for preparation of a camp she was helping at. Lady 1:  I am waking up so early each morning and that is making me really tired.
Lady 2:  Oh I am waking up early and going to bed so late.  I am just so tired.
I fought the urge to tell them that I wasn't busy, that I was going to bed at a reasonable time and waking up at 6am by choice.  I don't think they would have appreciated my input.

I them remembered a sketch that I had seen performed at a Talent Event at our previous church.  I attempted to find the sketch myself on you tube.  No joy so I asked the one who would know.  So, Ladies and Gentleman I give you Monty Phython.

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Shelley said...

That was brilliant I haven't laughed so hard in so long - and coming from the North I could even understand them - thanks for the laugh!