Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Can we find peace in a busy world?

We don't lead a boring life. This summer we have had a stream of visitors through our house. One lot stayed but for the most part we are just serving coffee, cakes and meals. It has meant that I have been able to do a fair bit of baking with my girls. We are pleased to say that the weather has been fine enough to take some of our visitors to the beach and our local park. I have even been in the sea with one of my daughters. Something, I will do again but will have to get a wetsuit and body-board to go with it I think!

My daughters got their long-awaited Life Story work yesterday (it only took 6 years but I will not bore you with the details!). We were supposed to go out with friends yesterday but their son was sick, so we took the opportunity of a quiet day to show them their folders. They were remarkable: our eldest did a great job at reading a large part of it herself. They took the whole thing in their stride and were tremendously interested in the photos of them as babies. This morning they swapped folders and looked at each others. I struggle to get my head around some of it and these 2 little girls sat,looked at their folders and then got their teddies (the ones we gave them in the first week) and showed them the Life Story work. Thank God for His help with this.

Today and tomorrow are 'meeting with friends' days which will involve cream teas and icecream (but not at the same time). We are so grateful for friends old and also for the signs of new friendship we are having in our new place.

Oh, and on top of all that my family leave this town in 6 days time. I will not be here to wave them off as we are going to a Hospital appointment with one of my daughters. They are spending the day with us on Sunday and I am hoping that I can hold it all together. I am going to miss them all like mad.

I look out on the horizon of life and look for the quiet patch but I am not sure it is coming. I need to learn to get that in my heart and soul by reading scripture,helpful books and poems and listening to great music. So for those who may read this: if you have anything that can help me quieten my soul then let me know.

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