Friday, 2 January 2009

The New Year

I have been experiencing some incredibly black dog days of late; a delayed reaction to moving from a place I was more settled in than I thought.

I have read things which put a different perspective on life, that have made me realise that I must climb out of the pit. I must be pro-active. I can't look back. I need to take my eyes off 'poor little old me' and place them on God and others. (Yes, the old Sunday School Maxim: Jesus Others Yourself.) If I truly believe we are in God's plan then I must seek to live for Him here. I am not an overly-mystical Christian: By that I mean I don't really believe in waiting around for God's will to magically drop from the sky into my lap. I have to get out there, try things and be prepared to fail.

So in this coming year I want to learn to drive, learn to body-board and get a job (voluntary or paid). When I first became a mummy I set myself realistic goals. I need to do that now. Not too small and not too large. I need to remind myself of the confidence that God gave me and take it back. And to know that it isn't any more godly to go around acting like Uriah Heep, or Eeyore for that matter.

A quote I love: "You will either step forward into growth or you will step back into safety" Abraham Maslow. I have to ask myself which way am I going to step?

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