Sunday, 18 January 2009

Christians and Schooling.

I had a thought the other day. Nothing really profound but something I wanted to put into words.

I love the stories of the Ragged Schools and why they were set up. I seem to remember doing a Musical about the start of them for one of our Sunday School productions many moons ago. As far as my memory tells me they were mostly set up by Christians. Schools have come a long way from the Ragged Schools. I no longer live in a country where schooling was only for the rich and am grateful that my children can get a decent education for free. (It is a whole other post about countries where children are still unable to be educated.)

Nowadays, it would appear that Christians are a large part of the Homeschooling community. I am well aware that much of the Education System has no reference of God. However, I do find a certain irony when thinking through this issue.

I think for the moment my children will remain educated in School. I truly believe God is a great big God and will protect them. My job as a parent is to equip them to face the world and the things in it.

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