Friday, 3 May 2013

Old Boys Network??

Yesterday, I read the name of an American Pastor in 3 different blogs (and I am sure it appeared in lots of others).  He just happens to have a book coming out.  I had never heard of this chap before.  I read the first blog post and thought, "Looks interesting, I might look into this book and his blog."  And when I saw his name in the second post I thought, "Wow, maybe I really ought to take a look.  Perhaps this is a sign."  However, when I read his name on a 3rd post I realised that this was a way to promote said book. I felt a modicum of disappointment, although I couldn't tell you why.  Maybe, it was because it did not feel like coincidence that his name appeared in 3 blogs on the same day.

More and more in the Christian blogsphere, I am noticing these kinds of connections.  I read some fantastic bloggers/writers, and never see them quoted or publicised elsewhere (and if it was not for the fact I do not have their permission I would put their blog titles here.)  They don't Guest Post "XYZ" ever. 

There is a phrase:  "It is not what you know but who you know that counts."  And that is true in many walks of life, including Church Circles.  I hope this is not what is happening here because sometimes there seems to be that vibe to it.  Occasionally, it feels like the 'Old Boy's Network' that the same bloggers are so desperately trying to escape from. 

Maybe, this is my cynicism showing through, lets hope it is the case.

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