Sunday, 8 April 2012


At the beginning of Lent I put a self-imposed ban on myself.  I gave up some of my favourite Internet sites and wondered what would happen.  Here are the thoughts that I have had now that time is over.  Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time away and hope not to get sucked back into the time-guzzling machine that tells me I am building Community.
  • Spend more quality time with my family, without the haze of a computer screen in my glasses.
  • I have managed to spend a lot less time on the Internet, discovering that Facebook and some of the other sites I frequented were draining the energy that was needed to be with my family.  I went on yesterday to some of those sites and was reminded how easily I could get drawn back into the apparent transparency of people's lives.  Real life has its own troubles (and joys) and I need to be prepared for it so plan to keep my time on Facebook etc to a minimum.  I wish I could regulate myself well but in times of tiredness etc all my good intentions go out of the window, hence the strict rules I will place on myself.
  • My brief foray into Facebook etc yesterday reminded me that endless regurgitated (reposted) sayings, helpful hints, misquotes, rudeness and information so personal it made me blush,  maybe is not the best use of my time.  They have had their place in my life but they need to take a back seat for the moment.
  • Spend more time with God.
  • I did manage to spend more time reading the Bible but my times of prayer need a lot more work.  The period of Lent also gave me time to reflect on Jesus and what having a relationship with Him means to me.  
  • Spend more time with friends in my town.  Build real-life friendships.
  • Spending less time checking up on the latest update of someone's status meant I was free to go out more and enjoy coffee with friends here.  My town has a superfluity of Coffee Shops and I visited many of them and enjoyed myself immensely.
  • Spend more time building up my long-distance friendships, some of which are only there because of the Internet.
  • Coming off some websites meant I was able to focus more on a small one where I participated on a more regular basis enabling me to feel more part of the members' every day comings and goings.
  • Do more thorough cleaning.  My house is pretty tidy but there are lots of areas that don't get done which should.
  • The house has a slightly cleaner feel to it, although going out more meant the housework did not become an obsession.  :)
  • Read more books.
  • I read a lot more books.  Some have made me laugh, others made me cry and still others just inspired me by the amazing people that have lived and worked for Jesus.
  • Listen (or watch, using iplayer ironically) to some Lent Lectures.
  • Failed completely to do this but I did listen to a service and a 'Thought for the day' on BBC Radio 4.
  • Rebuild the margins in my life.
  • My husband has a book about this that I will read and maybe come back to this later when I remember what I meant by this. 
  • Develop real hospitality in my home.
  • Not a lot of this went on but the small amount I did was less pressured as the constant call of the web just was not there.
  • Keep cooking and learn more skills.
  • This will always be an on-going thing for me.  My family were well fed and there were less 'Oh, I forgot to take something out of the freezer' dinners because I was not so occupied.
  • Maybe, start a needle craft again.
  • No needlecraft was started.  However, I did managed to adapt a dress for me to wear and I have plans to make petticoats for the girls for them to wear under their Flora Day dresses.

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