Thursday, 22 March 2012

Zip Code

OK, so this has nothing to do with street locations.  I am going to a Ladies Conference at the weekend in a place that has a beautiful staircase.  This year is 25 years of the "Know your Bible" (UK) Organisation which is hosting the Conference.  So with these components combined it was thought a good idea to have all the delegates dressed in Ball Gowns, and float majestically down the stairs like movie stars in an old film.  I am sure the reality will be very different but we should have a great time especially as we are having a special meal afterwards.  (Note to self: Don't forget you are going for spiritual retreat as well. :))

Anyway, I have been looking for a suitable dress that didn't break the bank.  I finally found one and after trying it on I broke the zip instead.  This dress was on loan to me (with the view of buying) from a friend who runs a Charity Shop.  So I paid for the dress and hoped I could salvage it.  Instead of sewing in a new zip I decided to put a new panel down the side of the dress which gave me a little more room.  I will need to hem the dress and then decide whether I will have the courage to wear it as it is quite different from the things I am usually seen in.

So while it isn't Scarlett O'Hara I am proud of the small changes I made.  Here is a photo (I added a section down the left hand side where the zip should have been - hidden under my arm!)

NB:  Another positive side effect of not being on Facebook so much.  

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