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My youngest Christmas Play 2010

My youngest Christmas Play 2010

"Act 1:  Is it real?
Please can you tell me, is the Christmas tree real?  (Taps her chin.)
Shall we go exploring?  (Waves arms up in the air.)
Yes, then! Let’s do. 

Song 1 - Joy to the World

Scene Change - Set in the Park

Act 2:  Looking for trees.
Look here’s some trees.  (Pointing to the trees.)
Oh, these look real so maybe the Christmas tree is real.
We need to go and find some more trees.
So come on.

Scene Change - A different part of the Park

Act 3:  More trees.
Oh look over there, there is loads.  There is about 50 trees.  (Waves hand in a big arch.)
Ummm, I am not sure, that is real. 
Ah, that is a good idea, go and tap the tree trunk.  (Taps the tree trunk.)
It feels wooden. 
I am not sure that is real.  (She scratches her head.)

Song 2 - We wish you a Merry Christmas (with dance)

Scene Change - At the beach

Act 4: Moss On the beach.
Look over there, I can see some moss.  (Points to the distance.)
Oh look out, here comes a car.  (She ducks.)
Phew, the car has gone.  (Wipes her brow.)
Feel the moss, it feels soft and furry.  (Touches the moss.)
Oh look, here comes the parents, now we can sing our song.

Song 3 - Silent Night

Scene Change - The field

Act 5: Grass looks like tree leaves
I have just discovered that grass looks like tree leaves.
Ummm, lets pick some grass and put it next to a leaf.  (Puts next to a leaf and compares.)
Well, it doesn’t look like a leaf after all.
What do you think?  Do you think it looks like a leaf? 
Oh look it looks exactly like a Christmas tree leaf.  It long and thin.  (Pulls grass with hand.)
It looks like winter to me.  There is snow everywhere.  (Waves her hand.)
Right, lets pick up some snow and have a snowball fight.
Great idea!  Oh look up there, a bird.
Lets attract it into the window by the Christmas tree.  If the bird comes than the tree might be real because birds like trees.

Scene Change - A field of cows

Act 6: Why does a cow eat Christmas trees?
Look the bird has gone into the cow field.  It has perched on the tree.  That means that soon we might find out if that is a real Christmas tree. 
Lets go and feed the cows a bit of the Christmas tree.  It eat it so the tree must be real.

Song 4 - The First Noel

Scene Change - Home

Act 7: Finding out what Christmas is about.
So we know that a Christmas tree is real because the cow eat it. 
Oh but what is Christmas about?  We discovered the Christmas tree is green so maybe that is important.
Maybe a light on the Christmas tree means that a light came to the world on the very first Christmas.
Lets go and ask Mum.

Song 5 - Go tell it on the Mountain

Scene Change - In the kitchen

Act 8: Asking Mum.
Mum, please will you tell me what Christmas is about. 

This is the whole story.  Mary and Joseph travelled many miles to their home town Bethlehem to pay their taxes.  Mary was to have a baby.  Mary rode on a donkey and Joseph walked.  There was no room in the Inn so they rested in a dirty stable.  (Holds her nose.)  Mary had a baby at night.  There were loads of animals in the stable and they crowded around when the baby was born.  The baby was Jesus and the Christmas tree light reminds us of the light Jesus.

Song 6 - Hark the Herald Angels sing


The End."

I was told what to typeOccasionally, I gave suggestions which were not always taken!  Stage directions are in italics!

That girl is a hard task master as she was very specific.  I am not sure where we are getting the scenes from or even where this play is to be performed.

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