Friday, 22 October 2010

Tightning the Purse Strings

Not that I own a purse with strings you understand.  This week the UK Government have announced cuts and lots of them.  As a Nation we owe a lot of money.  The good times are about to stop rolling it would appear.  I have tried to find out what the cuts mean for me and my family budget but can't make sense of the specifics. 

However, I realise that I don't fall into any category of thinking on this subject.  I think that we all need to accept the cuts.  For instance, Welfare will be seriously hit.  I am in agreement if the person could find another way of making their money, if they see benefits as a way of income for no valid reason etc.  I am not in favour of drawing benefits for life and believe in constant review.  I have seen too many people claim benefits for the most flimsy of reasons.  And then I hear (anecdotally) of the 73 year old lady who cares for her 40-something son.  He can't work due to a stroke a few years ago.  They are not entitled to any help at all.  Not a penny.  He has paid tax and National Insurance for years.  So I am in favour of a complete overhaul of our Welfare system.

I also like the idea of this. 

Surely, both aspects of cuts are needed to reduce the debt that this country is in?

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