Saturday, 26 January 2008

A new horizon ahead.

So we are on the move in the summer. I am realising more and more the enormity of what we are doing. Along with that I am excited about a new challenge. We have been where we are for 13 years and have become comfortable; like an old jumper - warm and soft. Where we are going we will be completely new. I am determined by God's grace to become a member of my new community quicker than I did here. I am looking forward to the opportunities to get to know new people, build on things I have learnt here and hopefully not make the same mistakes!

God has shown me over the past few years that I am not 'all-sorted' and that company is good for me. I love people, always have, but I used to want them to be conformed to my image!! I praise God for the work He is doing. People can be wonderful even if they disagree with me. I want to make a difference for God in this world and pray that I will be open.

God-willing by the time I get to our new place I will have more qualifications in Child Care and am excited as to how I can use them in Kingdom work. I feel that my love for children is something that I would like to train in more so perhaps more study is ahead.

I praise God for His leading us to move to a new place and pray that we can work well for Him.

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