Thursday, 31 January 2008

I Hate Numbers.

Well I just have to say that my suspicion that I hate numbers has been conformed this week. I need to brush up my numeracy skills to go along with my qualification in Child Care and I am not doing so well. I have done 4 practices papers and only passed one. I really hate numbers, why do I need to know how to work out the volume of something, or the amount of fence I need to go around a lake. OK, I know that if I work in schools then my numeracy skills are not upto par but at the moment I am planning on working with preschool children.

Numbers to me could be a foreign language and I would have as much chance at understanding. But ho hum, as they say, I will keep practising.

Give me words any day; they tell a story, keep me informed of world events, confuse me with poetry, interest me with history, intrigue me with a comment on life, challenge me spiritually, make me laugh with their sheer humour if crafted well, shock me with facts about just how sinful man is, open up the door to friendships, allow me to express myself in speech and on paper (or should that be blog) etc. Oh yes, indeed I love words ...... but once I have got this test passed I don't want numbers invading my life any more!

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