Monday, 19 December 2011

Re-train my brain

I have spent all my adult life saying 'Can I have a lift, I am sorry I can't drive.  Would you like some money for petrol?'  As of a few weeks ago I no longer have to say that.  I passed my driving test and now am in possession of a full drivers license with my name on it.  I am proud.

I haven't done much independent driving yet though.  I drove about 1 minute to turn the car around and also moved the car in a car park.  I am proud.  I need to go out for a proper drive.  I also need to re-train the way I think.  I can drive without supervision.  Eventually I will be able to go out on my own.  I am going to take it slowly but the skill is there.

After Christmas I will book a Pass plus lesson in order to do some more driving skills, eg Motorway driving.

I am looking forward to many happy and safe years of driving.

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