Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Hard-nosed Cynicism or the gift of Discernment?

As I get older I find the 'Grumpy Old-Women' on TV increasingly funny.  I couldn't tell you why really.  Maybe, it is the manic way some of them talk, or the droll view they have about life.  Whatever, it is great.  I quiet enjoy a dose of their cynicism once in a while. 

I think that I am turning into one - a Grumpy Old Woman I mean.  I have a hard-heart. Every now and again an inspirational email finds its way into my inbox.  I am sure I am supposed to be uplifted by them and take the message with me during the day.  (If they have a Bible verse on them I will take that and ponder on it during my day.)  I have to admit that some of the most heart-wrenching stories make me laugh.  You know the ones that are send around purporting to be a true story about some heroic man, woman, child or even animal.  Often my first response is to go to Snopes to check the veracity of the yard that is being spun story being told.  I don't really mind receiving these emails because they cheer my day but not, alas I am afraid, in the way they are supposed to.

I am female - I should feel my eyes filling up whilst reading this stuff but I don't.  I am a Cynic or in Christian cycles I could say that I have the gift of Discernment.  The latter sounds so much better but then I am not sure if there is much difference between the two really; just that the gift of Cynicism doesn't have quite the same ring.

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Pam Terrell said...

Love it! I'm a grumpy old woman too.