Thursday, 28 May 2009

Still here.

I did not realise that I had not written anything since January. Life this past 2 years has been a rollercoaster ride. We have been in our new home/church/town 10 months now. Am I settled? No, I am not sure I am. The girls love their new home (larger garden and bedroom), have adapted to their new church and think living close to the beach is just amazing. The youngest is planning ways on getting us all wetsuits and body-boards and for us to become a surfing family.

Many things have changed since moving and I think the jolt of leaving my comfort zone has helped those along. I am now a working mum; this is something I never thought I would be. The decision was made after a few crazy depressed months of kicking around the house wondering what on earth I would do. I am not good at self-structuring my time and my spiral downwards was going somewhere very destructive fast. I now work 16 hours a week in a Nursery and can still be at home during the school holidays. Time will tell if that is the right thing for me long term but for the moment it is helping sanity regain a place in my mind.

I am still doing all the other household management things, seeing people from church, having the children's friends around to play, snail sitting etc etc. We were challenged as a family about the lack of openness to our home and by God's grace are trying to do that more here. I need strength and courage to ask my neighbours around and I am hoping that the BBQ we purchased will help with that.

Lessons have been learnt and one of those is to rely on God and not my ability to do things. But I think it is early days and have a feeling that there are many more things that I will learn. I also have the feeling it isn't all going to be easy.

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